Poachers Sentenced For Killing Trophy Mule Deer

Mule Deer AntlersThe final individual involved in the poaching of a trophy class mule deer at a ranch south of Craig in 2014, was sentenced in a Moffat county court earlier this month. 60 year old outfitter Danny Jeffcoat from Hamilton pleaded guilty to felony possession of a forged instrument, and was sentenced to serve a 12 month differed judgment including unsupervised probation. He will also have to make a $10,000 donation to Operation Game Thief. The deer was killed without the correct licensing or documentation so Jeffcoat forged a hunting license and documents that allowed the hunters to illegally transport the deer back to Mississippi. John Summerville and his son Jon from Carrollton Mississippi were both sentenced in Moffat county in February, and Kirk Anderson from St. Peters Missouri was sentenced for his role in the crime in November of last year. All three were forced to pay a variety of fines.   CPW officials said that the Mule Deer that was killed could be the largest buck taken in the area in the last few years. Pictured the Mule Deer’s antlers.

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