Poacher Fined $11,0000 For Killing Trophy Elk

antlersA poacher from the Denver Metro Area was ordered to pay $11,000 in fines earlier this week, for illegally killing a trophy quality bull elk in Northwest Colorado, in November of last year. A man reported seeing 42 year old Agapito Alarid shoot the elk in Game Management Unit 2, located in the Northwest corner of Moffat County. Alarid did not have a license for the animal, and the bull elk season was not open at the time the killing occurred. Alarid pleaded guilty to illegal possession of the elk in a Moffat County Court Monday. The standard fine for crimes of this nature is $1,000, but Alarid was charged an additional $10,000, under Colorado’s Samson Law, due to the fact that buck he killed had more than 6 points on one antler beam. In addition to the fines, Alarid could also lose his hunting and fishing privileges in Colorado for up to 5 years. Under CPW’s Turn in Poachers program, the person who reported the crime is now eligible to draw a hunting license, from the unit where the crime occurred. To report a poaching crime call 877-265-6648. For additional information on the Turn in Poachers program click here.

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