Parks and Wildlife Reviewing Wildlife Action Plan

PARKS AND WILDLIFEColorado Parks and Wildlife has begun a comprehensive review of the State Wildlife Action Plan, or SWAP. As updates to the current vision for managing Colorado’s fish, wildlife and natural habitats go forward, agency officials say input from the public and a variety of partner agencies will be critical for the development of an effective plan.  State Wildlife Action Plans originated in the early 2000’s after a coalition of federal and state resource agencies, sportsmen’s groups, conservation groups, non-governmental organizations, businesses and private citizens joined in partnership to urge the U.S. Congress to provide State Wildlife Grants for wildlife and habitat conservation. The federal grants will support conservation efforts aimed at precluding the need to list species under the federal Endangered Species Act.  Currently, Colorado’s State Wildlife Grants amount to approximately $1 million per year. The federal funds go to a variety of wildlife conservation efforts including the purchase of property easements to preserve sage-grouse habitat.  If you would like more information, or would like to provide comments, click here.

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