Parks And Wildlife Discuss Wolves In Colorado

gray-wolfLate last year, the Parks and Wildlife Commission put forward a draft resolution to oppose the reintroduction of wolves into Colorado. The discussion about wolves will continue this Wednesday at the Commission’s regularly scheduled meeting in Denver.  More than ten years ago, Parks and Wildlife approved a plan for managing wolves that migrate into Colorado. The plan was in response to the reintroduction of gray wolves by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service into the northern Rocky Mountains.  Interest about wolves remains high in Colorado and the proposed resolution has generated considerable public discussion and concern. Many are asking if the draft is an ‘anti-wolf’ resolution.  Parks and Wildlife stated that the draft resolution does not pass judgment on the value of wolves as future members of the state’s fauna. Rather, it addresses the question of which wolves should eventually live in Colorado, and how they will get to the state.  To learn more about wolves in Colorado follow this link.

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