CO Representatives React To Trump’s Energy Plans

Not surprisingly, elected officials in Colorado had mixed reactions to  President Trump’s executive order, which targeted regulations contained within President Obama’s Clean Power Plan.  Congressman Scott Tipton applauded President Trumps efforts, saying the Obama administration did everything possible to pick winners and losers in American energy production.  Tipton is happy the new administration is taking action to grow jobs and preserve America’s access to affordable and reliable energy.  Tipton says he looks forward to advancing more policies that support an all-of-the-above approach to U.S. energy. On the other side of the aisle, Senator Michael Bennet was not pleased about what he considered to be an “anti-climate executive order”.  Bennet says Trump’s decision to rewrite the clean power plan is a direct assault on the health of our children and the clean energy economy.  Bennet believes the order could jeopardize thousands of new jobs, and billions of dollars to the national economy.  Bennet vows that Colorado will continue to the lead the nation in clean power by growing its green energy economy and meeting all of the targets under the clean power plan.

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