Officers To Carry Drug To Reverse Overdoses

Sweetwater County Sheriff’s officers and detectives will soon carry doses of a special medication to counteract opioid overdoses in emergency situations. The medication is called Narcan, which is used for the complete or partial reversal of opioid overdose, including respiratory depression. Sheriff Mike Lowell says the goal is to have a resource to reduce or prevent fatal opiate and opioid overdoses. More than 64,000 opioid and opiate overdose deaths occurred in the US in 2016 alone. Since 2014, 28 people have died in Sweetwater County from drug overdoses caused by all drugs. The Narcan will be issued in single-dose, 4-milligram nasal spray dispensers. Lowell says the dispensers are also for protection of officers, who may be accidentally exposed to opioids during an altercation. Officers nationwide have suffered extremely dangerous overdoses from accidental exposure to opioids and opiates, especially to Fentanyl, which is hundreds of times more potent than heroin.


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