Numerous Proposals For $20 Million Carbon Capture Contest

Carbon CaptureEntries have been rolling in for the $20 million dollar contest to find an economically effective method of capturing carbon emissions at power plants.  Teams from Canada, China, Finland, India, Scotland, Switzerland and the U.S. have submitted 47 proposals. The solutions include turning the carbon emissions into cooking oil, or graphene, a recently discovered substance stronger than steel.  The first round of the competition will look at the proposals technical and economical viability. After that up to 30 teams will have an opportunity to test their proposals viability in a lab.  From there, up to 10 teams will share a $2.5 million dollar milestone prize, and will begin to test their projects at either a coal powered plant in Wyoming, or a gas fired power plant in Alberta Canada.  Whichever groups demonstrate the most financially effective way to capture carbon at the gas or coal fired power plants will each get a $7.5 million grand prize.

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