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AR GUNThe Republican leader in the Colorado House says his party will try to overturn or change the gun restrictions Democrats passed earlier this year.  Representative Brian DelGrosso said yesterday Republicans plan to introduce a bill to repeal the 15-round limit on ammunition magazines during the session that begins next month. He says Republicans will likely also revisit expanded background checks, but did not provide specifics on possible legislation.  The restrictions that took effect July 1st led to the recall ouster of two Democratic state senators.  Republicans will have a difficult time overturning the laws, though. Democrats control the House by a wide margin and have a one-vote lead in the Senate.  Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper has said he doesn’t want any of the gun laws repealed.



Greg Brophy 300Since announcing his candidacy for Governor, State Senator Greg Brophy has been to 62 of Colorado’s 64 counties.  Brophy vowed to visit all 64 counties while campaigning, and Monday, he will complete that tour.  Brophy will stop in Black Hawk on Sunday evening and Frisco on Monday evening. Brophy said of the tour, “If you want to be a Governor for all of Colorado, it’s critical that you actually go to all of Colorado.” During the tour Brophy has put nearly 14,000 miles on his hybrid car. “This is exactly why I drive a Prius.”  Brophy has been hearing similar things the entire tour. “People are tired of a Governor that listens to out-of-state interests and doesn’t lead on the issues that matter to the average Coloradan.” Brophy has used his knowledge of statewide issues and his 11 years as a State Legislator to prove to people around the state that he will be the effective leader that Colorado needs right now. “It’s been a while since Colorado has had a Governor that understood how to lead at the Capitol. “ Pictured: Greg Brophy



Medicaid-300Colorado Medicaid is notifying 1,918 people of an information security breach involving a private contractor employee who sent the information to a personal email account.  The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing yesterday said the information may have been meant for the employee’s personal business use. The information includes names, dates of birth, Medicaid identification numbers, addresses, telephone numbers and health conditions. That information is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.  The private contractor, Colorado Community Health Alliance, discovered the email the day after it was sent November 21st. A CCHA spokeswoman did not immediately return a call.  Colorado Medicaid spokeswoman Rachel Reiter says the email was secured and the contractor’s temporary employee terminated.  Reiter did not immediately know if charges were pending.



SCAMS-300The Sweetwater County Sheriffs’ Office today issued an alert on a swindle being circulated by mail.  “It’s one version of what’s commonly called the ‘Secret Shopper’ scam,” Sheriff Rich Haskell said.  Haskell explained that county residents have been receiving letters informing them they have been hired to participate in a “paid Mystery Shoppers Program,” working “as a Consumer Service Evaluator.” Enclosed with the letter is what appears to be a legitimate check made out to the addressee, usually for $1,387.40.  “The check is counterfeit,” Haskell said. “The victim is advised to contact a so-called company ‘Account Manager,’ who will provide instructions on depositing it. Once the bogus check is deposited, the victim is usually then directed to buy a Moneygram for, most often, $855, to be sent to an individual in Atlanta, Georgia; ostensibly to “evaluate” the competence of the store where the Moneygram is purchased. The victim is also advised to “take out his or her salary,” which is supposed to be $400.  The Moneygram is where the sting kicks in, because once it’s purchased and sent, the funds are picked up at the other end and disappear.  Another variation is to charge the victim “training” and “processing” fees for what appears on the surface to be an easy, lucrative, part-time job.  “In any event, the victim is out every nickel spent,” Haskell said.  Haskell advised that while legitimate customer research operations exist, there are a number of ways to avoid falling victim to swindlers:

· Never wire money to strangers or firms that have supposedly hired you. Wiring money is basically the same as sending cash – once it’s gone, it’s gone.

· Don’t pay a “secret shopper” company or firm to hire you, even if the payment is supposedly for “registration,” “certification,” or “processing.” If such payment is required, it’s most likely a scam.

· Watch for clumsy or incorrect grammar or spelling in solicitation letters.

· Don’t be tricked by official-sounding company or firm names. Swindlers often use names and/or website addresses that are very similar to those of legitimate businesses in order to make themselves seem legitimate.

agenda tile -450Moffat County Commissioners agenda for 12-31

Steamboat Liquor License Authority agenda for 01-07

Steamboat City Council Agenda for 01-07

Steamboat Marijuana License Authority agenda for 01-07

Steamboat Liquor License Authority agenda for 01-21

Steamboat City Council agenda for 01-21



broncos-300The Denver Broncos travel to Oakland to play the Raiders tomorrow.  You can catch that game live on 55 Country with the pre-game at noon, and the kick-off at 2:30.


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