Meeker and Steamboat Students Nominated To U.S. Service Academies

military plaquesToday, Rep. Scott Tipton announced that 22 students from the 3rd Congressional District have earned his nomination to U.S. Service Academies, including three students from Meeker and two from Steamboat Springs. The students selected met and exceeded the stringent requirements of the respective Academy and of Tipton’s office. Students that applied were required to submit an essay, test scores, an application, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and complete an in person interview before a panel in order to be considered.

“These students have worked incredibly hard to earn a nomination, and it’s a true honor to be able to recommend them to our nation’s distinguished service academies. Because of their academic and extracurricular achievements, outstanding moral character, and dedication to our country, I’m confident that each of these them would make dependable, capable and successful officers should they be accepted into the Academies,” said Tipton. “The 3rd District is blessed to have so many talented and well-rounded young people, and I’m proud of all of the applicants for their willingness to serve, and for their impressive achievements thus far in life.

Aiden B. Gibbs Steamboat Springs HS
Kaitlyn J. Dinwiddie attending USAFA Prep School, went to Meeker HS

Madison E. Ruppel Steamboat Springs HS
Torrie N. Gerloff  Meeker HS

Madison E. Ruppel Steamboat Springs HS

John C. Henderson Meeker HS



meeker-300The Meeker School District is having financial problems, and is considering shutting down some of their buildings as one of their options.  Superintendent Mark Meyer says he recently received the revenue report from the State Department of Education, that said the district is spending $1.2 million dollars more than it is receiving.  That amounts to 20% of the district’s budget.  The District now has to decide how they’re going to make up that money, and shutting down buildings or going to a 4-day work week, are just two of the options.  The shortfall is believed to come from a drastic reduction in property taxes, a result of energy companies pulling out of the area.  The district held a meeting last night to discuss the issue and get ideas from the public.  School district officials say they will cut as many costs as they can through materials and supplies, but cutting $1.2 million dollars out may mean the loss of jobs for some teachers and staff.



JEWELLSeveral news and op-ed pieces have picked up on Sally Jewell’s visit to Moffat County this week, and rather than focusing on her attempt to learn about sage grouse issues, the story has been her refusal to let reporters in to a meeting to discuss those issues.  Jewell toured the Bord Gulch Ranch Tuesday with local, state, and federal officials, learning how conservation efforts by Rancher Ray Owens has benefited wildlife in the area.  Afterwards, the officials met at the American Legion to have a discussion on the matter.  The meeting was posted by the County Commissioners as a public workshop, but Jewell ordered that press, including a Wild West Radio reporter, be turned away.  While state law says any time two or more Moffat County Commissioners meet to discuss county business, the meeting must be open to everyone.  Some have offered opinions that the law doesn’t apply when the governor or a federal official organizes the meeting.  The move has stoked the ire of several conservative publications, as well as the Grand Junction Sentinel, who posted a piece yesterday slamming Jewell for violating Coloradans trust. Pictured: Sally Jewell



ROTARY-CLUBThe Craig Rotary Clubs “Diamonds and Spurs” Dinner and Dance takes place tomorrow night.  It’s considered a black tie event, and will include dinner, drinks, a silent auction, and dancing.  Tickets are $60 a person.  The event takes place at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavillion from 6 to midnight tomorrow night.  For more information, or to purchase your ticket, call 826-4444.



MARIJUANA-300Attorney General Eric Holder has said that the federal government will allow banks to do business with the legal marijuana industry.  Representatives of the marijuana industry were concerned they would not be able to do business with banks, causing public safety and accountability issues.  Banks were afraid to do business, fearing they would be punished under federal drug laws.  The drug is still not legal in the federal government’s eyes.  However recent comments by President Obama and now Holder show the drug is becoming more accepted on a national level.  Michael Elliott, with the Medical Marijuana Industry Group said in a statement yesterday, “We are encouraged by Attorney General Eric Holder’s statements.  We urge Mr. Holder, the Treasury Department, and the Obama Administration to move quickly to create regulations that allow the legal marijuana industry, its employees, and customers to do business with banks just as any other business sector does. While we are cautiously optimistic by Mr. Holder’s statements we look forward to seeing the regulations to ensure that they fully address this serious public safety issue.”



HOLMESThe judge in the Colorado theater shooting case says lawyers for defendant James Holmes won’t be able to present any evidence about how his family would be affected if he’s convicted and sentenced to die.  The judge ruled Thursday that such evidence is inadmissible because it wouldn’t address Holmes’ character, his record or the circumstances of the crime.  Holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to charges of murder and attempted murder in the July 2012 attack on a suburban Denver theater. Twelve people were killed and 70 were injured. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.  His trial date is up in the air while the two sides argue over the findings of his mandatory sanity evaluation, conducted by the state mental hospital. The findings haven’t been made public. Pictured: James Holmes

agenda tile -450 Steamboat City Council Retreat agenda for 02-04


In wrestling:
Moffat County lost to Delta (44-17) and Hotchkiss (42-33).

In basketball:
Soroco heads to Belleview Christian.  The girls tip off at 3 and the boys at 4:30.
Little Snake River Valley is home against Cokeville.  The girls play at 4:30 and the boys at 6.
Moffat County boys and girls both beat Coal Ridge (G 59-48) (B 70-51)
Rangely hosts Plateau Valley.  The girls start at 5:30 and the boys at 7.Hayden heads to Vail Christian.  The girls play at 7 and the boys at 8:30.
The Meeker boys host Debeque at 7.

In wrestling:
Hayden hosts a triangular with Soroco and Glenwood at 6.

In hockey:
Steamboat hosts Battle Mountain at 6:30.

In alpine skiing:
Steamboat goes to a meet in Aspen.

In basketball:
Meeker goes to Plateau Valley.  The girls play at 2:30 and the boys at 4.
Little Snake River Valley hosts Farson.  The girls start at 1:30 and the boys at 3.
Rangely heads to Debeque.  The girls tip off at 1 and the boys at 2:30.
Steamboat travels to Glenwood.  The girls play at 1 and the boys at 2:30.
Moffat County girls lost to Grand Valley 58-40
Moffat County boys defeated Grand Valley 77-68

In wrestling:
Steamboat hosts Hayden and Rangely at 9.
Meeker heads to Paonia.
Moffat County goes to the Rifle Duals.

In hockey:
Steamboat hosts Mullen at 3.

In Nordic skiing:
Steamboat hosts a meet at 10.

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