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School Bus Involved In Accident

WRECKA Moffat County School Bus was struck by an SUV around 2:30 this afternoon.  The collision occurred at the intersection 7th and Tucker in Craig.  According to an officer on the scene, the bus, which was empty except for the driver, was traveling south on Tucker Street when the driver of an SUV ran a stop sign and struck the middle of the bus.  The SUV was severely damaged, the bus was driven back to the bus garage.   The drivers, both female, escaped the incident without injury.  A young child that was properly belted in the SUV suffered no apparent injuries but was taken to the Memorial Hospital for examination.  This is the 2nd time in the past week that a school bus was involved in accident in the Craig area. Pictured: The SUV involved in the accident.



jennifer lee mayThe woman who was found dead in a ravine just south of Rifle yesterday has been identified as 41 year old Jennifer Lee May (pictured).  May was reported missing Tuesday to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department.  She is a former Moffat County resident.  Garfield County sheriff’s spokesman Walt Stowe says the woman apparently slid into the ravine, down a steep drop of about 75 feet. Stowe said the investigation into the death continues, but there was no indication of foul play and the exact cause of death of may take weeks to determine.




HEALTH-SYMBOL-300With confusion and frustration ruling the Affordable Care Act, Wild West Radio News reached out to our federal legislators to get their positions on the law, and what solutions may be in the works.  The law has had what has been called a rocky start, with millions receiving cancellation notices, even after promises by President Obama and Democratic lawmakers, such as Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, that Americans would be able to keep their current policies if they wanted to.  We reached out to both Bennet and Udall, as well as Congressman Scott Tipton, and asked “Do you support the law as it was written, and if not, how it can be fixed?”  Tipton was the only one who responded with a direct quote, saying the law is a disaster, and that it should be replaced with a market driven plan that puts critical decisions in the hands of those that are qualified to make them, rather than in the hands of bureaucrats.  Bennet’s staff issued a statement that stopped short of saying he still supports the law as written, but indicates that the ends will justify the means.  It’s not clear if Udall ever received the question from his staff.  When his campaign manager was asked if Udall still supported the law as written, he said “yes.”  While Udall and Bennet are involved in legislation that would allow people to keep their current policies for another two years, many say the effort is hollow, as it only delays the inevitable.  Responses are posted below as they were received.

Letter from Kristin Lynch, Bennet’s Press Secretary:

“Senator Bennet shares the frustration and anxiety Coloradans are feeling about the Affordable Care Act, especially those who received insurance cancellation letters. The federal exchange has had problems and people are justifiably frustrated, though recent reports about the website’s improvement have been encouraging.
The rollout of the Affordable Care Act has been rocky. It isn’t perfect, but the Affordable Care Act is an important step in the right direction – expanding health care access and affordability, improving quality of care, and reducing costs. Among other things, kids can now remain on their parents’ health insurance for longer, people with pre-existing health conditions will no longer be unfairly denied coverage, and the Medicare donut-hole will be closed. We support any improvements to the law that will help better achieve these goals. That’s where our focus should be instead of going back to an unworkable system that denied people access to quality and affordable health care.
Michael has also joined a group of senators who have urged the Administration to extend the enrollment period to give families more time to purchase plans. We sent a letter to the Administration in October.
I’d also note that the initial reports that 250,000 Coloradans had received cancellation letters ended up being clarified with new details. More recent reports have said that 95% of the folks receiving these cancellation letters were offered a chance at early renewal.”

Full statement from Congressman Scott Tipton:

“The President’s health care law is falling far short of providing accessible or affordable health care for Americans. I believe that we should replace the President’s health care law with an alternative solution that truly expands affordability and accessibility—a patient-centered approach that allows for portability and pooling of coverage and ensures coverage of pre-existing conditions. This can be achieved through a market-driven solution that incentivizes enrollment with affordable access to quality care without forcing people to buy insurance they may not want through a mandate, enacts comprehensive tort reform to protect patients while preventing frivolous lawsuits, and rewards innovation in the health care delivery system.

“There are plans that have been introduced in the House of Representatives that are a good start to achieving these ends, including the Empowering Patients First Act (H.R. 2300), of which I am a co-sponsor.

“These ideas deserve a closer look, and I’m hopeful they will be included in the national conversation as to how we can truly bring about affordable and accessible health care in this country.”

Link to a description of Udall’s “fix” and statements about Obamacare



dolaThe Moffat County Commissioners received word yesterday that they will get their grant from the Department of Local Affairs for the Shadow Mountain Subdivision, water line replacement and curb and gutter improvement project.  The grant for the first phase of the project is for $556,000.  The commissioners expect work to begin on the project May 1st.  There will be three phases to the project, and DOLA is expected to provide grants for each phase.



sage_grouse-300Yesterday, during a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) decision-making process, Congressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) shined light on numerous concerns with the proposed ESA listing of the sage grouse.  Tipton questioned Megan Maxwell, a biologist from Broomfield, Colorado, on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) National Technical Team Report (NTT) which makes recommendations for stringent sage grouse habitat protections on millions of square miles in parts of Colorado and ten other Western states. Maxwell told Tipton and the Committee of numerous problems with the NTT report, including the one-size-fits-all approach to preserve the grouse, which fails to take into account diverse regional ecological factors vital to successfully preserve the species, or take into account the local efforts already underway.  You can see video of the exchange by clicking here.



JOHN-HICKENLOOPER-300Governors from several Western states told federal officials yesterday they are prepared to take on more responsibility for fighting wildfires.  During the annual winter meeting of the Western Governors Association yesterday, state leaders told officials from the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Agriculture that they recognize times are tight and that they plan to spend more of their own resources fighting fires in their states.  Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said he recognizes the number of available firefighting planes is on the decline. He said he was interested in building a fleet of aerial support resources in Colorado.  Hickenlooper added that the state is considering taking other local measures, including mandating that buildings use fire-resistant materials, and requiring property owners to disclose wildfire risks to potential buyers the same way they must disclose flood risks.



SOLARSupporters of rooftop-generated solar energy say an Xcel Energy proposal would devalue the amount of credit the company awards users for putting power on the grid.  Xcel has asked the Public Utilities Commission for permission to redefine the so-called net-metering credit, which is the price homeowners who have rooftop solar systems receive for sending kilowatt-hours onto the distribution system. The supporters demonstrated Tuesday outside the company’s headquarters.  The PUC on Tuesday approved Xcel’s plan to triple its large-scale solar-energy resources in the state.  Xcel reportedly gives homeowner a credit of 10 cents a kilowatt-hour, while an Xcel study found that rooftop solar’s benefit to the overall system is worth only about 4 cents a kilowatt-hour.

agenda tile -450 Steamboat City Council agenda for 12-17

Steamboat Liquor License Authority Agenda for 12-17

Routt County Planning agenda for 12-19

Steamboat City Council Agenda for 01-07


In basketball:
At the Meeker boys shootout, Soroco lost to Little Snake River Valley (63-57).  Hayden lost to Saratoga (60-43).  Rangely beat Moffat County’s J-V squad (44-36).
At Steamboat’s tournament, the Moffat County boys lost to Golden (78-69).
Steamboat’s boys beat Montezuma-Cortez (56-41).  The girls fell to Green River, Wyoming (44-42).

In basketball:
The Meeker boys continue their shootout with Hayden, Soroco, Little Snake River Valley and Rangely attending.
The Rangely girls go to a tournament in Duchesne, Utah.
Steamboat’s boys and girls continue their tournament with the Moffat County boys attending.

In hockey:
Steamboat goes to Resurrection Christian at 8.

In girls swimming:
Moffat County goes to Delta for a meet at 4.

In basketball:
The Meeker boys continue their shootout with Hayden, Soroco, Little Snake River Valley and Rangely attending.
Steamboat’s boys and girls continue their tournament with the Moffat County boys attending.
The Rangely girls continue at a tournament in Duchesne, Utah.

In wrestling:
Hayden and Rangely head to Soroco at 9.
Moffat County goes to Grand Junction.
Steamboat travels to Wheatridge at 8:30.
Meeker wrestles at Delta.

In Hockey:
Steamboat plays at Chatfield at 6:15.

In girls swimming:
Moffat County travels to Grand Junction for a meet.

The Denver Broncos lost to San Diego last night (27-20).  The Broncos next game will be December 22nd at Houston.  You can listen to that game live on 55 Country, with the pre-game at 9 and the kick-off at 11.

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