President Obama was in Denver yesterday pushing for more gun control legislation at the Federal level.  The president called for background checks on all gun purchases, and a ban on assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines.  The ban on assault style weapons is widely seen as futile, as it simply bans cosmetic features that make a gun look scary.  The ban on high capacity magazines is widely seen as cumbersome, as most magazines can be converted to carry more ammunition.  A similar ban imposed by the Colorado Legislature has already forced 2 gun accessory companies out of the state.  Obama is worried that momentum for his agenda is losing ground.  Representative Diana DeGette, who has been a vocal proponent of Obama’s anti-gun legislation was called out after a forum yesterday, in which she said that banning high capacity ammo mags would effectively reduce gun violence because “the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”  Opponents of the gun control say that kind of misinformation is dangerous and irresponsible.



President Obama’s visit and his push for more gun control was protested yesterday, by various sheriffs from Colorado.  Sheriff’s from 16 counties showed up to protest the president’s plans.  The protest was held about a mile away from where the president spoke.  The rally was attended by NRA members, veterans, and about 100 gun rights advocates.  Sheriffs across the state are upset that they were never consulted by the legislature when they were coming up with state laws.  The County Sheriff’s of Colorado, as a group, has publicly opposed the laws, and there are a number of sheriffs across the state, including the Routt and Moffat County sheriffs, who have said they will not enforce the new laws.



With a below-average snowpack and forecasts of another warm spring and dry summer similar to last year, the four districts that provide water to the Steamboat Springs area have issued a drought warning, and have announced mandatory Stage 2 water restrictions in accordance with city’s Water Conservation Plan.  The Stage 2 water restrictions will go into effect May 1st.  Water officials say that will allow landscapers, businesses, and homeowners to set timers to the Stage 2 watering schedule right at the start of the season.  Early implementation is also expected to allow lawns, shrubs, and trees to adapt early in the growing season and avoid the shock of water reductions in the middle of the growing season.  Steamboat depends upon a combination of natural flows and reservoir releases from the Fish Creek watershed to carry it through the summer, fall, and winter.



Now that spring is here, Dinosaur National Monument is preparing to offer expanded services for visitors.  That’s according to the monument’s Superintendent, Mary Risser.  On the Utah side of the monument, the Quarry Visitor Center is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The visitor center features exhibits, a film, and a sales outlet for the Intermountain Natural History Association; it also serves as the departure point for car caravans to the Quarry Exhibit Hall with its wall of dinosaur fossils.  Beginning on May 18, the shuttle which transports visitors between the visitor center and exhibit hall, will begin operations.  The Split Mountain Group and Green River campgrounds are scheduled to begin providing water and restrooms starting April 12th. With the return of water and restroom services, camping fees will be charged.  On the Colorado side of the monument, the Harpers Corner Road will open on April 12th for the season. The road is a scenic 32-mile one way drive that leaves U.S. Highway 40 two miles east of Dinosaur.  While there are no dinosaur fossils in the Colorado portion of the monument, overlooks along the road provide sweeping views of the Uintah Basin and into the canyons of the Green and Yampa Rivers.  The Gates of Lodore Campground, 106 miles north of the Canyon Visitor Center on the Green River at the head of Lodore Canyon, is scheduled to begin providing water and restrooms starting May 24th.  For more information, click here.



A group suing on behalf of a gay New Jersey couple who say their image was improperly used on a political mailer in Colorado wants to add two gun rights groups to its federal lawsuit.  The Southern Poverty Law Center said in court documents yesterday that Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and the National Association for Gun Rights were involved in the mailer, which was used in two Colorado Republican primaries last year.  The mailer cited civil unions as a caution against candidates who support legislation providing gays protections similar to marriage. It showed an image of the couple kissing.  The couple says that image was stolen. Their lawsuit named Public Advocate of the United States because its name was on the fliers.  The gun groups didn’t return calls seeking comment.

In high school sports:

In boys lacrosse:
Steamboat beat Battle Mountain (12-3).

In girls lacrosse:
Steamboat is home against Fruita Monument at 4.

In baseball:
Rangely goes to Rifle at 5.

In girls soccer:
Steamboat heads to Fruita Monument at 4.
Rangely is at Vail Christian at 4.

In boys lacrosse:
Steamboat goes to Golden at 7:30.

In girls lacrosse:
Steamboat is on the road to Battle Mountain at 4.

In track:
Little Snake River Valley goes to the Okie Blanchard invite at 11.

In girls tennis:
Steamboat hosts Aspen at 3.

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