Today is Veterans Day, and there are activities planned this weekend in Craig and Steamboat.  Craig firefighters are planning a fireworks show tonight.   The fireworks that weren’t used during the 4th of July, due to extreme fire conditions, will be set off tonight from the hill by Moffat County High School.  And at 11 Monday morning, the Doak Walker Care Center will make veterans available for visits from the public.


Veterans Day – Ways to Honor Veterans

Veterans Day is here, an annual opportunity for communities and families to honor former U.S. service members. And as these heroes age, it’s important to keep their stories and sacrifices alive by listening and learning.

Here are some great ways to commemorate veterans this holiday:

Listen to a Story

You may not think about it much, but everyone has a lesson to share and a story to offer. World War II for example, which killed and injured more people than any other war in human history, impacted an entire generation — from soldiers on the frontlines of battle, to children at home participating in the war effort. Learn about both world history and your family’s history by talking to older relatives and friends about their experiences and trials. You may even consider tape recording the conversation so you can share the personal account with others.  If you have a story yourself, consider writing it down or retelling it at the next family gathering.

Read a War Memoir

While reading and understanding the past is possible by delving into a standard-issue textbook, there is nothing like an eyewitness account to get a true feel for a crucial time in history. Such accounts can deliver a unique perspective on a familiar story.  The tales you discover can help you better connect with history. One such book, the newly released “Terror Before Dawn: A Child At War,” by Anne Raghnild Fagerberg and William Sterling Williams, presents Fagerberg’s account of her childhood experience during World War II under Nazi rule in Norway.  Williams, Fagerberg’s son, found her notes after she died of cancer in 1998. She had completed her story shortly before she passed away. Though only a child during the war, Fagerberg did what she could to contribute to winning the war, distributing newspapers and literature of the underground resistance movement.  “The reflections of a war survivor offer lessons about courage, survival, rebuilding and freedom,” says Williams. “Her piece of history needed to be preserved.”

Teach Your Children

No one is too young to learn about and honor the past. While children might enjoy a holiday parade, be sure to explain the true meaning of the day so they understand the reason for all the fanfare.  Many schools choose to honor veterans by inviting them to speak at assemblies and before history classes. Find out what programs are happening at your school.

Visit this link for ideas on how to talk to kids about war, history and the sacrifice of veterans.

Don’t let this Veterans Day pass by unrecognized. Take the time to honor the past.


Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

With winter approaching, many Americans miss a few small, but crucial, ways to prepare their homes for the colder season. Some homeowners occasionally forget to or don’t realize they should winterize their homes.  Prepping your home properly for the season could save you the expense of repairing and painting after a harsh winter.

Here is helpful advice to help you prepare:

Check Fireplaces

Make sure you keep fireplace dampers closed to protect against drafts. Leaving a damper open is the equivalent of leaving a window open.  Installing glass panels over the fireplace will also help keep drafts to a minimum and ultimately save you money on heating costs.

Clean the Gutters

During winter, ice can build up in gutters and in order for the ice to melt and drain properly, the drains must be clear. Take time to clean your gutters now to prevent them from clogging or even bursting once colder temperatures set in.

Clear Outdoor Watering Systems

Water trapped in an outdoor faucet or irrigation system can cause a pipe to burst if ice settles inside. Make it part of your winterizing routine to ensure that outdoor plumbing and pipes are clear before the temperatures start to drop. It can be a tricky task, so you may want to bring in a professional to help.

Keep Walls Clear of Snow

Keeping your exterior walls clear of snow, especially on homes that have wood siding, could mean the difference between having to do another paint job or replace siding once the snow melts. This water damage can be easily avoided with regular maintenance.

Use Programmable Thermostats

Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to prepare for winter. They are reasonably universal to install and allow you to program temperatures that make sense for your home — such as keeping it cooler during the day when no one is home.

In high school football Friday:
Little Snake River Valley lost to Dubois in the State Championship game 54-30.

The Denver Broncos play at Carolina today.  You can catch all the action live on 55 Country with the pre-game at 9 and the kick-off at 11.

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