As the 2012 drought appears to be continuing into 2013, area water rights holders need to be prepared for continued administration of their water rights for this summer’s irrigation season and beyond. Appropriate water-measuring devices, operable headgates, and adequate diversion structures are not only necessary for landowners to make use of their water, but are also required by Colorado state law.  In order for area water users to know how to comply with these regulations and to help them to install such devices, a Water Measurement Solutions Workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 5th from 5:30-7:30 at the Steamboat Community Center. The workshop is being hosted by the Colorado Division of Water Resources, CSU Routt County Extension, Community Agriculture Alliance, Routt County Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District, and Trout Unlimited.  In addition to covering local administration and compliance, the workshop will also discuss potential funding opportunities for bringing structures into compliance. Vendors of irrigation measurement and control devices will also be on hand to showcase equipment that local irrigators need to have installed in order to be legally compliant.  For more information about the Water Measurement Solution Workshop, call the Colorado Division of Water Resources at 879-0272.



Colorado Parks and Wildlife 2013 big-game brochures are now available and limited license applications are being accepted for this fall’s big-game hunts. License applications for deer, elk, pronghorn, moose, sheep, goat and bear are due April 2nd.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife is again encouraging all hunters to apply for licenses online. In 2012, more than 474,000 applications were received, and more than 80 percent of those were filled out using the easy online system.  The biggest change that hunters should be aware of this year is a modification to the youth late season elk hunting program. Originally developed to help address overpopulations of elk on agricultural, private lands in western Colorado, the youth late season elk hunting program is transitioning while still offering hunting opportunity at a time when elk populations are nearing desired long-term levels. In 2013, youth with an unfilled limited cow or either-sex elk license will be able to hunt late seasons in the general area of their original license, but in smaller areas than previously allowed.  You’ll find a link to the online version of the 2013 big game brochure here.



During a spirited Regional Sportsmen’s Caucus Wednesday evening, sportsmen from northwest Colorado discussed various issues with Colorado Parks and Wildlife managers from across the region. In addition, the attendees elected two delegates to represent their concerns at the statewide Sportsmen’s Roundtable in Denver next month.  The two top vote getters, Grand Junction residents Kenny Marcella and Jim Spehar, will serve as northwest region delegates and Brandon Siegfried will serve as the alternate.  During the bi-annual Sportsmen’s Roundtable meetings, 16 selected members and two delegates from each region will have an opportunity to gather with wildlife officials – including Director Rick Cables and Regional Managers- and participate in face-to-face discussions about issues important to Colorado’s hunters and anglers.  Northwest region sportsmen are encouraged to contact their delegates with issues they would like to have addressed at the Sportsmen’s Roundtable.  Marcella can be reached at 970-523-1479, or at, and Spehar at 970-260-0484, or at



Colorado lawmakers gave initial approval to repealing the state’s adultery law.  Adultery is still in a crime in Colorado, but some Democratic lawmakers say it’s an outdated 19th-century holdover that no longer has a purpose.  Lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee voted 8-3 yesterday to delete the law from Colorado’s books. The proposal would also repeal the related crime of contributing to “sexual immorality” by providing a place for unmarried people to have sex.  Denver Democratic Representative Daniel Kagan, the bill sponsor, says having the laws could lead to violations of people’s privacy.  The bill now goes before the full House for a vote.  Adultery is illegal in Colorado, but carries no criminal penalty. Kagan says almost half the states still have adultery laws.



Sweetwater County Sheriff Rich Haskell today issued a renewed warning to the community concerning a telephone / computer scam making the rounds.  In this ruse, commonly called the “Computer Repair Scam,” “Tech Scam,” or “Tech Support Scam,” scammers cold-call people, particularly seniors, and inform them that their computer has become infected with a virus, has fallen victim to malware, or is otherwise experiencing problems. The caller then encourages the prospective victim to turn on his or her computer so that they may work together to solve the non-existent problem.  In addition to providing sensitive identification and financial information to scammers, victims are charged anywhere from $50 to $500 in bogus “repair fees.”  Authorities said there was a wave of such calls in Sweetwater County last month, and now they appear to be starting up again.  Haskell reminds residents that computer and software companies aren’t going to call you to tell you about problems that you are having, and don’t be deceived if the caller knows your name and address. Such information is readily available from a wide variety of sources, including telephone books.  Haskell also says never follow any instructions received during an unsolicited call, such as instructions to click on links, download attachments, provide user names or passwords, or agree to subscribe to any “security systems” stemming from unsolicited calls.



Required labels for genetically engineered food have been rejected by Colorado lawmakers who feared the requirement would burden farmers and raise food prices.  A Democratic House committee voted 7-2 against the requirement yesterday. Lawmakers heard emotional testimony from parents who wanted to know more about how their food is produced, but lawmakers ultimately sided with farm groups that said the change would need to be federal.  The federal government and dozens more states are considering similar label requirements amid complaints from consumers that genetically engineered foods may be unsafe.  Many scientists say the labels aren’t useful because genetically modified or engineered foods are safe.


Moffat County:
120 – Issic Herod – won pin
138 – Brayden Peterson – lost 9-4 (out)

113 – Tristin Pelloni – won pin
120 – Kylloe Goedert – won 6-3
138 – Anthony Watt – lost pin (out)
152 – Devon Pontine – won pin

106 – Judd Magee –  lost pin (out)
113 – Tanner Guire – win forfeit
132 – Kent Miller – lost 1-5 (out)
160 – Taylor Lewis – win pin

120 – Colton Martindale – won 6-3
195 – Cody Constine – won pin

145 – Lucas Heinle – won pin
152 – Ethan Allred – won 12-1
160 – Colton Coombs – won 9-0
195 – Drew Collins – lost 7-5 (out)

North Park :
126 – T.J. Richard – lost 19-15 (out)
220 – Anjel Arrendondo – won 4-1

Friday Quarter Final Round:

Moffat County:
182 – Jessi Demoor – lost 19-2

126 – Aaron Cochran – lost 4-2
132 – JC Henderson – win 4-2
160 – TJ Shelton – win 9-2
170 – JR Crawford – lost 6-4

182 – Ryan Domson – won 3-2

North Park:
170 – Derrick Richard – won pin
195 – Adrian Cereceres – lost 15-3

Friday Consolation 2nd Round

Moffat County:
120 – Issic Herod – lost 15-8 (out)
182 – Jessie Demoor – win pin

113 – Tristin Pelloni – win 5-0
120 – Kylloe Goedert – lost pin (out)
126 – Aasron Cochran – lost 5-0 (out)
152 – Devon Pontine – win 6-2
170 – J.R. Crawford – win pin OT

113 – Tanner Guire – lost 4-3 (out)
160 – Taylor Lewis – lost 14-6 (out)

120 – Colton Martindale – lost 10-1 (out)
195 – Cody Constine – lost 5-2 (out)

145 – Lucas Heinle – lost 7-5 (out)
152 – Ethan Allred – lost pin (out)
160 – Colton Combs – win 8-3

North Park:
195 – Adrian Cereceres – lost pin (out)
220 – Anjel Arrendondo – win 9-2

Friday Semi Finals

132 – J.C. Henderson – lost 6-0
160 – T.J. Shelton – win 9-3

North Park:
170 – Derrick Richard – lost 17-5

182 – Ryan Domson – lost 12-5

In high school sports:

In basketball:
Little Snake River Valley’s boys and girls beat Saint Stephens in the first round of the regional playoffs (boys= 77-66; girls= 81-40).

In Wrestling:
Moffat County, Meeker, Hayden, Rangely, Oak Creek, and North Park continue at the State Wrestling Tournament.  You can catch all the action live on 93.7 102.3 KRAI with our coverage picking back up at 9:45 this morning.  You can also listen online HERE.

Our wrestling broadcast schedule is below (end times are approximate):

Friday February 22nd:
2A/3A 2nd Round Consolation and Semifinals 5:30 to 9pm

Saturday February 23rd:
2A/3A 3rd Round Consolation and Semifinal Consolation 10:15am to Noon
2A/3A 5th place and 3rd Place matches 1:45 to 4pm
Parade of Champions and 1st place matches (all classes) 6:15 to 10pm

In basketball:
Moffat County hosts Coal Ridge.  The girls play at 6 and the boys at 7:30.
Rangely goes to Meeker.  The girls tip off at 5:30 and the boys at 7.
Soroco heads to Hayden.  The girls start at 5 and the boys at 8:30.
The Little Snake River Valley boys take on Ten Sleep in the second round of the regional playoffs at 5:50 at Lander High School.  The girls play Burlington at 4:10.


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