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Moffat County’s Jacob Teeter Nominated to West Point

Today, U.S. Representative Scott Tipton announced that Moffat County High School senior Jacob Teeter was one of 19 students from the Third Congressional District, Tipton has nominated to U.S. Service Academies.  When announcing the names Tipton added that “It’s a true honor to nominate these talented and deserving students to our nation’s Service Academies,” Tipton stated that he had the opportunity to call and speak with each of the nominees, and went on to say that he was confident that all will go on to achieve great things in their lives.  Teeter was nominated to West Point Military Academy.  Pictured: Jacob Teeter from Facebook.


Vigil For Connecticut Victims  Tonight At Moffat County Courthouse

In response to the shooting today at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school that claimed the lives of 28 people, 20 of them children, a candlelight vigil will be held tonight at the Moffat County Courthouse at 7. The suspected gunman, who was not identified by police, also was killed, apparently by his own hand.  The entire Colorado U.S. Congressional Delegation issued a joint statement concerning the tragic school shooting in Newtown.  The statement read:

“We are angry and heartbroken at the news of another horrifying and senseless school shooting.  Our deepest and heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with the children, families, teachers, school officials, law enforcement, first responders and the entire community of Newtown who are impacted by this tragedy. Please know all of us in Colorado are here to support and provide comfort and strength to Connecticut in the days, weeks and months ahead.”


Hickenlooper and Gun Control

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s statement this week that “the time is right for state lawmakers to consider gun control measures” is raising concerns among gun owners in Colorado.  The Governors new position is much different than the one he took following the movie theater shooting in suburban Denver in June, when he stated, that even if Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes “didn’t have access to guns…he would  have found explosives…..he would have found something…he would have done something to create this horror”  The Governor proposal is expected to have an uphill climb considering the Supreme Court struck down restrictive gun-control laws in Chicago and declared that Americans in all 50 states have a constitutional right to possess firearms for self-defense.


Fire and Smoke In Steamboat

Weather conditions this past week provided the U.S. Forest Service a window of opportunity to burn multiple slash piles in the Steamboat Ski Area.  The lighting of the piles highlighted collaborative efforts between the ski resort and the Forest Service to address Forest health issues and the removal of hazardous fuels generated from the bark beetle epidemic over the last decade.  Two large piles and numerous smaller piles were burned over the past two days.  The decision to burn piles was made due to recent snowfall which has allowed for safe burning and eliminated the threat of fire spreading to unintended areas.  Photo: of a pile burning


Christmas and Wildlife

From time to time during the holiday season people report seeing a deer with strands of Christmas lights on its antlers. No, it’s not one of Santa’s reindeer – it’s a buck deer that just happened to get a strand of lights stuck on its antlers because it rubbed against a small tree or shrub with loosely attached decorations. Objects tangled in antlers can stress the deer, causing it to spend time and energy trying to remove the object at the expense of feeding and resting. Most of the time such incidents can be prevented by following a few simple tips, such as to avoid draping lights over low-level shrubs and bushes below five-feet and “firmly attach lights to tree limbs, gutters, or fence posts”  You’ll find more tips and additional information below.

During the rut, buck deer rub their antlers against just about anything. If they rub against something with holiday lights, there is a chance those lights might end up adorning the animal’s antlers.   It is difficult to predict exactly what deer are capable of snagging, but homeowners can reduce the risk by anticipating problems before they happen.   It’s a good idea to attach lights on your house or above the reach of deer in large trees. If you have them on low shrubbery you could end up losing your decorations and endangering the animal.   And it is not just Christmas lights, there have been cases of chicken wire, tomato cages, swing sets and hammocks tangled on antlers.  Sometimes a deer can free itself from the material, but most of the time the animal may just have to wait until late winter when it naturally sheds its antlers and everything falls off.   In extreme cases, where the objects pose life-threatening danger to the animal, Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists may have to tranquilize it to remove the obstruction.  It is important for the public to understand that capturing and handling the deer can be worse for the animal than leaving it alone. Trying to immobilize a deer can be so stressful the deer dies.  As long as the animal can still move around and eat, the best thing to do is monitor the animal to make sure the tangle doesn’t get worse.


·   Avoid draping lights over low-level shrubs and bushes below five-feet.
·   Trees with trunk diameters of two to six inches are most likely to be rubbed by bucks and bulls, so only string lights on larger diameter trees.
·   Use multiple short strands of wire plugged together versus one long strand so that if animals become entangled they will have less cord to deal with
·   Avoid stringing lights “clothesline” style across open areas.
·   Firmly attach lights to tree limbs, gutters, or fence posts.
·   Take down volleyball nets, hammocks or other items.
·   Store water hoses, tomato cages and other garden materials (netting, stakes, ties, etc.) until spring.
·   Put colorful flagging on empty clotheslines.


Red Cross Safety Tips for the Holidays

 While people in Colorado are finalizing plans for holiday events and travel, the local Red Cross has tips to help prevent accidents and emergencies. “The unfortunate apartment fire in Loveland Wednesday night is a stark reminder that tragedy can happen when we least expect it. Below you’ll find tips from the Red Cross that can help make your holiday season safe and enjoyable…plus a link to the “American Red Cross First Aid App” which will allow you to have information on what to do in emergencies.

Holiday Decorations and Parties

  • Place Christmas trees at least three feet away from any heat sources and exits. Water the tree daily.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets and unplug holiday lights before leaving home or going to bed.
  • Keep candles away from combustible materials and in a place where children and pets can’t get to them.
  • Pick a designated driver when attending a party and provide non-alcoholic beverage options if hosting a party.
  • Keep children and pets away from the stove; turn pot handles in; and turn off burners if leaving the kitchen.

Holiday Travel

  • Make sure vehicles are in good working order before holiday trips. This includes checking tire air pressure and windshield fluid, and cleaning lights and windows.
  • Equip vehicles with an emergency preparedness kit with water, snacks, flashlight, first aid kit and blankets.
  • Check weather and road conditions before traveling.
  • Share travel plans including intended route and estimated arrival time with someone.

No matter where people are spending the holidays, downloading the American Red Cross First Aid App allows users to have information on what to do in emergencies when and where they need it.  A variety of mobile apps are available.


Yule Log Hunt Clue 5

The 33rd Annual Yule Log Hunt, sponsored by the Tread of Pioneers Museum and the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association, continues.  As well as posting the clues here, KRAI and 55 Country will also air the clues each day. A new clue will be released each weekday.  Unless the Log is found sooner, the 10th and final clue will be released on Friday, December 21st.  When the log is found, the finder should immediately call the Tread of Pioneers Museum at 879-2214 to end the search and have their name announced.  The winner will get a $150 Steamboat Chamber gift certificate and a framed piece of historical artwork.  Today’s clue (#5) is:
In New York and here in town.
Glacial forces moved that down?
Gather supplies, head out the door.
Look out now, there’s More in store


The “Race to the Cup Alpine Snowboard NorAm Races” are being held today and tomorrow at Steamboat’s Howelsen Hill. The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club is hosting approximately 75 racers each day for head to head men and women’s racing with both giant slalom and slalom. Racing will be held throughout the day both days.

In High School Sports  Yesterday:

In Basketball:
The Moffat County boys and girls both easily handled Grand Valley…the boys won 84-43…the girls won 52-31

In Wrestling:
Steamboat fell to Summit 34-33

In High School Sports Today:

In Basketball:
The Steamboat boys and girls host Rifle…the girls play at 6 the boys at 7:30
The Little Snake River Valley boys and girls travel to Rangely…the girls play at 5 the boys at 6:30

The Hayden boys and girls travel to Encampment…the girls play at 5 the boys at 6:30

In Wrestling:
Moffat County heads to Grand Junction for the 2 day Warrior Classic

In Swimming:
The Moffat County swimmers are at Montrose for a 2 day meet

In Hockey:
Steamboat hosts Aspen at 6:30


In High School Sports Tomorrow:

In Basketball:

The Little Snake River Valley boys and girls host Hayden…the girls play at 2:30…the boys play at 4

The Moffat County boys and girls travel to Roaring Fork…the girls play at 12:30…the boys play at 2

The SoRoCo boys and girls play at Beth Eden…the first game starts at 11:30

The Steamboat boys and girls host Glenwood…the girls play at 2…the boys play at 3:30

In Wrestling:
Rangely, SoRoCo, Steamboat and Meeker are at the West Grand tournament which starts at 9 tomorrow morning

In Nordic Skiing:
Steamboat is at Vail Mountain at 10

In Alpine Skiing:
Steamboat will compete at the Loveland Ski Area

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