No Vote On Recreational Pot In Craig

Craig citizens will not be able to vote this April to allow recreational marijuana sales, cultivation and testing within the city limits during the April Election. The Craig City Council declined to approve recreational marijuana ballot questions at their meeting last night. The proposed questions failed to gather a majority consensus from the council, with Jared Ogden, John Ponikvar, and Derek Duran voting in the affirmative, and Tony Bohrer, Joe Bird, and interim Mayor Kent Nielson voting to keep the questions off the ballot. Ponikvar and Ogden both said the community deserved to vote on the issue, while those voting against, said the community had voiced their objection to recreational marijuana by not signing the petition packet circulated before the November election. The City Council’s decision may have only delayed an inevitable vote on recreational marijuana in Craig as the group Grow Craig, vowed to collect enough signatures to get recreational marijuana on the ballot this year.

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