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KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 17, 2018

No structures have been burned in the Silver Creek Fire, but it is moving quickly, and over 4,000 acres have burned. About 200 homes in the Old Park community northwest of Kremmling have now been evacuated because of the Silver Creek fire. But 35 residents chose to not leave, and to stay in the area. Officials have closed Old Park and Highway 134 so no one can get into the area. With most residents gone, the structures and private property remain the focus of the fire crews. They are building dozerlines between the fire and buildings, and spraying fire retardant. The closest house is about six-tenths of a mile from the edge of the fire. A Red Cross Center has been set up at West Grand Middle School in Kremmling.

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KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 16, 2018

Rachel Niemeyer has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for the murder of her husband. Michael Adam Freese was shot in the head on October 4th, after he and Niemeyer had been drinking. They were in their motel room at Bear Valley Inn. Niemeyer denied pulling the trigger.

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KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 15, 2018

Moffat County has been designated as a primary natural disaster area. It’s because of the recent drought. It means agricultural producers who suffered losses and damages could be eligible for emergency loans from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency. Producers in Rio Blanco and Routt Counties are also eligible. Continue reading

KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 14, 2018

Two new wildfires have sparked up in Northwest Colorado. One is the Three Springs fire, which is about eight miles northeast of Massadona, which is about 36 miles west of Maybell. About 75 acres has burned. A second fire is the Overlook fire in Rio Blanco County. It has also burned about 75 acres. The Sage Draw Fire is near an area called Crooked Wash, which is about 28 miles east of Rangely. It burned about 50 acres but was contained as of Monday afternoon.

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KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 13, 2018

A 13-year-old boy is missing in Craig. Johnathan Mounce also goes by JJ. He’s about five feet tall with brown shoulder length hair. His mother says he hasn’t been seen since last Thursday. She has been told that it is possible he is in Meeker. Call the Craig Police if you have any ideas, at 970-826-2360.

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KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 10, 2018

Firefighters were able to put out a fire Wednesday, which started about ten miles north of Craig. Moffat County Sheriff KC Hume says the Pine Ridge Fire burned about 2 ½ acres near the gun range. It was caused by a bird that flew into a power line.

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KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 9, 2018

Livestock shows are underway at the 100th Moffat County Fair. The Moffat County Cattlewomen group is aware that there may be PETA protests, so they are preparing the kids. PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They’re telling those kids showing their animals at the fair to:

  • Be prepared because the threat is real.
  • Walk away because hostile special interest groups just want attention and press. And then find an adult you trust.
  • Be transparent, and be honest. Don’t hide anything and stick to the facts.
  • Take the high road because people will be watching how you handle your behavior.
  • Don’t back down. Don’t give in or agree with them because you have done nothing wrong.

PETA has been contacted by the Craig Press and they said they do not plan to take any action at any county fairs in Colorado. Continue reading

KRAI News, Weather, and Sports on Aug. 8, 2018

A wildfire sprung up along Highway 40, near Lay in Moffat County Tuesday afternoon. The Craig Press reports it was at mile marker 76, and traffic was slowed down as workers got their equipment ready. Five acres burned before emergency responders could get the fire out.

Moffat County WON’T be enacting Stage 2 Fire Restrictions right now. It’s because of the recent rain. And Sheriff KC Hume says it’s also because the public is being very fire wise and being careful. Only one fire in Moffat County has been human caused. Stage 2 would have banned all campfires. And no smoking unless in a vehicle or building. Chainsaws or other equipment would have been banned too. Routt County will also sit tight, and stay with Stage 1 Fire Restrictions for now. Officials will continue to evaluate the conditions.

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KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 7, 2018

A vote on a mill levy dedicated solely to the Museum of Northwest Colorado and Moffat County Libraries will be on the November ballot. The Moffat County Board of County Commissioners has filed intent to put the measure on the ballot. Both entities have been through budget cuts. Neither the museum nor the library receives funding from the city of Craig. The museum hosts an average of 12,000 visitors a year, and it’s listed as the #1 Thing to do in Craig by Trip Advisor. The Moffat County Library has three branches, in Craig, Maybell, and Dinosaur.

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KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 6, 2018

The rain this weekend helped firefighters battle the wildfires burning in Northwest Colorado. As of Sunday, the Craig Interagency Dispatch Center had recorded 123 wildfires. Most were small and put out quickly.

  • The four biggest fires right now are the Cache Creek Fire about eight miles southwest of Rifle. 337 people are working the fire and it is about 5 percent contained with around 1500 acres burned.
  • The Red Canyon Fire is 52 miles southwest of Meeker and it has burned almost 6,000 acres, with close to 500 people working it. It is 44 percent contained.
  • The Silver Creek Fire is burning in the Routt National Forest, and it has burned more than 2,000 acres and is at zero containment.
  • The Cabin Lake Fire is five miles south of Buford and it has burned over 1,100 acres at 25 percent containment.

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KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 3, 2018

The air continues to be smoky and unhealthy. Health professionals say to limit your exposure when outside. Stay indoors and drink plenty of water. People with lung and heart diseases need to be especially careful, as do the elderly and pregnant women. An air quality health advisory for wildfire smoke has been issued for Moffat and surrounding counties through this morning. The smoke is from wildfires in northern California.

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KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for Aug. 2, 2018

The City of Craig is getting a new city manager. Craig City Council has voted to approve a contract to hire Peter Brixius, who has been serving as the City Manager in Rangely. Brixius will start work sometime the first week of September. Craig Mayor John Ponikvar says he expects Brixius to focus both on Craig’s current needs, as well as develop a vision for the city’s future.

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