New Requirements For Colorado Boaters

As we get closer to tubing and water skiing season, its important to be aware of newl requirements for Colorado boaters. In an effort to mitigate costs, while continuing to prevention zebra and quagga muscles from spreading to the state’s waters, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has instituted new regulations for 2017. In addition to required inspections for boats previously operated on out of state waters, CPW now requires boaters to clean, drain and dry their craft between each launch.  As part of the cleaning process, boaters must now remove all plugs and plants after exiting the water, before leaving the parking area. Traveling on roadways in Colorado with water plugs in place or any vegetation attached to a boat is now prohibited. With the participation of the state’s boaters, along with CPW’s continued efforts, the state’s natural resources, outdoor recreation and water supply infrastructure will continue to be protected from invasive species infestations.

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