New Poll Says Coloradans Split on Hobby Lobby Decision

hobby lobbyA new poll says half of Colorado voters support the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling allowing religiously oriented business to opt out of a small portion of contraception coverage for their employees.  The Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday found that 50 percent of voters support the court’s Hobby Lobby decision while 46 percent disagreed with it.  Three percent didn’t have an opinion. Male voters agreed with the ruling 59 to 38 percent while women disagreed with it 54 to 43 percent.  The poll of 1,147 registered voters has a margin of error of 2.9 percent.  Democrats are hoping the Hobby Lobby decision will energize more women to vote for their Senate candidates in Colorado and other key states, by telling women the ruling denies them access to birth control.  However the ruling does NOT deny access, but rather exempts the employer from paying for 4 types of birth control that attack an already fertilized egg.  Some classify those methods as abortion, and therefore believe them to violate their religious beliefs.

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