New Off Leash Areas For Dogs Approved

Four new off leash areas for dogs are now open in Steamboat. The new areas approved for off leash dog activities are the upper and lower portion of Blackmere Trail, the Butcherknife trail, the lower Spring Creek Trail and Whistler Park.  The City Council approved off leash activities in these areas for a one-year period, but the program may be rescinded if issues arise. When using these areas, dog waste removal and disposal is required. Seasonal wildlife restrictions will be instituted for some of the new off leash areas. Additional information on the restrictions, is available below.

Seasonal Restrictions:

Blackmere Trail: Upper Blackmere is off leash year-round. Lower Blackmere carries off leash opportunities during the winter only from Sept 2 to May 31 and all dogs must be leashed in summer from June 1-Sept 1.

Butcherknife Trail: This trail carries restrictions during school hours where the leash law applies from 7:30am to 8:30am and 3:00pm to 4:30pm from August 21 to June 8.

Lower Spring Creek Trail: The off leash trail runs directly behind the high school. Outside of designated hours, dogs are to be leashed at all times.

Whistler Park: This area has three designated areas with the park for off leash activities. The west portion is off leash from May 1 to Oct. 31 and leashes are required during the elk winter season from Nov. 1 to April 31. Trail users are asked to remain on existing trails in this section of the park. The south sections will be off leash during the winter (Nov. 1 to April 31) and leashes will be required during the summer (May 1 to April 31). The north portion is off leash year-round.

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