UPDATE: New Fires Spark In NW Colorado

Wildfires-300Several fires have ignited across Moffat County over the last few days. The Craig Fire Department Responded to a fire Thursday morning around 8:30 on CR 31 northwest of Craig. According to Fire Chief KC Hume, the fire was caused by an animal that climbed a power pole causing it to spark. Crews were able to get the fire, that was burning 5 acres of mainly grass and weeds, under control shortly after their arrival. Two fires also sparked Wednesday afternoon in Moffat County. One started just before three near the west side of Elkhead Reservoir. The fire began do to a haying operation where multiple machines were being utilized. The fire affected 175 acres of grass.  After considerable effort, crews from The Moffat County Fire department were able to extinguish that fire.  Just after 3 a second fire was reported south of the ColoWyo mine. That fire, that was estimated at 30 acres yesterday, has increased to 300 acres over night. The fire is still burning on BLM managed land. Two helicopters are being utilized in the operation to assist ground crews in controlling the blaze. Across Northwest Colorado crews continue to work an make progress fighting the Beaver Creek Fire burning 20 miles Northwest of Walden, and the Yampa Bench Fire burning in Dinosaur National Park. Over the past week and a half, crews have been able to limit the growth of the Beaver Creek Fire which only grew 1,000 acres and now stands at just over 27,000 acres . They have also gained more control, taking containment of the fire from 5 to 12 %. The Yampa Bench Fire is now 85% contained, and remains under 600 acres.

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