New Facts About “Good Samaritan” Shooting Released

highway-13-smallThe investigation regarding the man who claimed he was shot after he stopped to offer assistance to a motorist on Highway 13 north of Rifle, concluded that his injury did not occur as he claimed. In a 911 call about the shooting on July 16th the 31-year-old man indicated that he had been shot by an unidentified person. The injured man, whose name has not been released, was flown by flight-for-life to St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction for treatment. The initial investigation, based on the man’s original statement, had officers looking for a red car. Officers have since determined that the gunshot wound was self inflicted. Factual details of the shooting and the rationale behind the initial false report are still under investigation. The Sheriff’s Office has released the interim results of the investigation in order to provide a level of comfort and security to those in the area.

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