New Coal Development To Keep Millions In NW Colorado

Tri-State Generation has received approval from the United States Department of Interior to proceed with their plans to mine the Collom development at ColoWyo Mine.  The decision to move forward with the project was made following an extensive environmental review by the Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation and a public comment period which took place last year.  Tri-State says that the project is expected to preserve more than 200 mining jobs in Northwest Colorado which provide a $200 million dollar impact on local economies, and account for nearly $12 million in local, state and federal tax revenue. The plan for the Collom expansion will also look to preserve habitat for greater sage-grouse and other wildlife in the area. As part of the Collom expansion, Tri-State donated over 4,500 acres of sage brush habitat, to be managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to benefit the greater sage-grouse in the area. The company also donated $150,000 to go towards CPW’s research into the birds. In a release, Tri-State CEO Mike McInnes said the approval of the project had a lot to do with support the company received from the communities and elected officials in the area during the public comment process.

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