National Bat Week

BATNational Bat Week, a campaign to inspire Americans to help protect bats, kicks off October 25th. The initiative is important to Colorado, home of 18 species of bats, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) who monitors bat populations statewide as part of a nationwide effort to detect changes from threats like White-nose Syndrome (WNS) and wind energy development. WNS, which is caused by a fungus, is responsible for large scale bat die-offs in the Eastern United States, in some cases killing 100% of the bats in a site. WNS is named for the white powder seen on the nose, ears, and wings of infected bats. It has not yet been found in Colorado, however since first documented in a New York cave in 2007, it has spread to 26 states and 5 Canadian provinces. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking the public to report the sighting of any active or dead bats. The public is asked to not disturb hibernating bats and to respect cave closures. All the bat species found in Colorado are insect eaters, in some cases eating thousands of insects a night. That makes them important for the control of agricultural and human pests. You can learn more by clicking here.

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