Murderer of Patricia Richmond Sentenced to 50 years

Patricia-RichmondCole Pollard, pleaded guilty Tuesday to 2nd Degree Murder and Attempted Sexual Assault for the killing of Patricia Richmond in North Routt County which occurred in June last year. Per a plea agreement, Pollard was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. Specifically, the Court ordered Mr. Pollard to serve 40 years in prison for murder to be followed by a consecutive 10 years to life for attempted sexual assault.

In Colorado, sex offenders serve “indeterminate sentences” meaning they can be held in custody for life. In Mr. Pollard’s case he would be expected to serve a minimum of approximately 37-38 years before being eligible for parole. At that time Pollard will be approximately 60 years old.

District Attorney Brett Barkey stated, “Mr. Pollard’s guilty pleas today bring a measure of closure to Ms. Richmond’s family and loved ones in this tragic case. A sentence of 50 years to life ensures Mr. Pollard will be incarcerated for almost four decades before being first considered for parole.”  Pictured: Patricia Richmond.

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