Multiple Semis Involved In I-80 Accident

Several people were injured in a multiple vehicle accident yesterday afternoon on I-80 near Rawlins. A semi-truck driver was following traffic on the highway when the vehicles ahead unexpectedly slowed down. The driver lost control while trying to stop, resulting in the semi overturning onto the roadway, blocking multiple lanes of traffic. Another semi then collided with the overturned trailer, splitting it in half. After that occurred, a third semi collided with the rear end of the semi which struck the overturned trailer. The three drivers involved all sustained non life threatening injuries. While emergency crews were on scene, an ambulance, which was parked on the shoulder of the highway, was rear ended by another semi. After the impact, the ambulance struck an EMT worker, knocking her down, causing minor injuries. The driver of the semi that collided with the ambulance was not injured. Photo from the scene of the accident courtesy of the Wyoming Department of Transportation, click to enlarge.

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