Multiple Factors Affecting Mule Deer

MULE DEERThe Colorado Parks and Wildlife is learning about the complexity of managing the mule deer population after participating in two separate studies.  One recently published in Global Change Biology today, analyzed the correlation between weather, energy development and residential development and the number of young mule deer that survive the winter months in particular areas of Colorado.  The observational study found that as residential development increased, the population of fawns in that area decreased at twice the rate when compared to the other factors.  A second study, that will be published later this year, looked at the winter fawn population in the Piceance Basin and found that despite declines in the survival rate annually, fawns are twice as likely to survive the winter as they were in 1990.  The CPW believes that these studies illustrate a need for continued research as the factors affecting the mule deer population are likely numerous.

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