Mule Deer Meeting in Craig Tonight

colorado parksColorado Parks and Wildlife, in coordination with The Keystone Center, an independent facilitator, is holding a series of seven public meetings across the state this spring in order to receive feedback on a Colorado West Slope Mule Deer Strategy. The Strategy will guide agency efforts to work towards increasing mule deer populations.  Across the West, state wildlife agencies are seeing declines in mule deer populations. In recent years, mule deer populations in Colorado have decreased below the target objectives set by wildlife managers in concert with the public. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is embarking on a process to bring together sportsmen, landowners, outfitters, biologists, wildlife managers, other state agencies, federal agencies, local elected officials and any other interested members of the public to discuss the issues facing mule deer and discuss solutions.  The Northwest Colorado meeting will be held tonight in Craig, at the Moffat County Fairgrounds from 6 to 9.  For more information about the mule deer strategy, click here.

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