Cause Of Chairlift Death Determined

Mechanical issues  were the cause of the fall of a mother and her two daughters from a chairlift at Ski Granby Ranch that occurred last month. According to a report from the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board, the chair struck the supporting tower before the three fell.  The board’s investigation into the incident, which killed 40 year old Kelly Huber from San Antonio Texas, determined that environmental factors, weather, and Huber and her daughters did not contribute to the accident.  The investigation found that an issue within the chairlifts control system was the major contributor to the fall. The mechanical issues resulted in Huber and her daughters aged 12 and 9 falling 25 feet onto hard packed snow.  An autopsy later determined that Huber died from injuries related to the fall which included blunt force trauma to the torso and a ruptured aorta.  Deaths of this nature are extremely rare in the United States. Huber’s death is the first to be attributed to chairlift malfunction since 1993.

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