Monument to Reopen Campsites

Dinosaur-National-Monument-Officials at Dinosaur National Monument have announced that the two backcountry campsites at Ely Creek, located along the Jones Hole Trail, are now open.  When the campsites were closed last summer, there was significant concern about increasing bear activity in the area. After monitoring the area since its closure, they have decided to reopen the sites with new bear proof food storage lockers.  The Monument is also stepping up its bear safety education program.  Although visitors to Dinosaur National Monument may not think of Dinosaur as “bear country,” frequent sightings confirm black bears live throughout the monument. Hikers and campers are encouraged to be alert for their presence and report bear sightings as soon as possible at a visitor center or ranger station.  Visitors are reminded to store food, garbage, camp coolers, and other items that can attract bears in bear-proof storage boxes or a vehicle in developed campgrounds.


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