Moffat County Tourism Director Resigns

Moffat County Tourism Director Tom Kleinschnitz recently submitted his resignation after working at the job for about a year. Kleinschnitz’s last day as director will be next Tuesday. The Moffat County Tourism Association Board will look to fill the director position as soon as possible and are currently accepting resumes from potential applicants. Additional information on the position, the job requirements and the qualifications needed, is available below.

The following job description has been put forward by the MCTA Board of Directors:

Tourism Executive Director Job Description Goal:

Tourism/Executive Director will be responsible for executing the Marketing Plan of Moffat County Tourism Association (MCTA). This Director will facilitate an active relationship with tourism related businesses and attractions of the Moffat County area, including involvement with local, state and federal tourism related organizations (CTO, BLM, NPS, Club 20, and so on). Work involves marketing Moffat County to stimulate economic development and promote tourism. Meets, at a minimum, monthly with a tourism board of directors and reports directly to the Chairperson of such board.

Tasks to be performed include, but are not limited to:

  • Work with the MCTA board of directors to make recommendations to develop strategies, programs, and policies to promote tourism. Acts in a liaison capacity to the Craig Chamber of Commerce and Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership boards.
  • Develop and implement a tourism marketing plan for Moffat County events & attractions working closely with the board of directors, event planning committees and tourism-related industries
  • Ensures that board approved spending adheres to approved budget throughout the year. Monitors expenditures and makes recommendations to the board for modifications of budget as needed.
  • Seeks out and apply for grants that will aid tourism goals and projects.
  • Oversee creative message development
  • Organize various media information and make affordable and effective media buys to promote tourism in Moffat County area. Plan new research-based advertising strategies for current and subsequent years that will increase leisure travel market share.
  • Oversee design/printing of marketing publications
  • Develop relationships with national, international and regional tourism based publications and writers, tours operators and travel agents for the purpose of expanding our reach to obtain more market share.
  • Prepare and release press kit to media; build campaigns and stories for unique selling points
  • Design, develop and conduct familiarization tours of Moffat County area for media, event planning, tour operators and travel agents.
  • Coordinate cooperative advertising programs integrating the tourism related segments that exist in Moffat County area (merchants, food/lodging, campgrounds, the Arts, recreation and state parks)
  • Promote attractions & community events to potential and existing visitors
  • Contribute to and monitor the flow of new web content. Coordinate with the web maintenance provider to create a monthly report on the effectiveness of the website and social media.
  • Gather data and prepare monthly director’s report and annual tourism report for the board of directors, BOCC and community
  • Represent the Moffat County area in joint planning sessions to establish state and regional tourism activities; serve local committees that enhance tourism and foster economic development. (Attend meetings, seminars, conventions, and workshops to further knowledge, stay informed of the changes in the tourism industry, and exchange information.)
  • Keep updated advertising history files and archives ad materials. Collect necessary and pertinent travel research and report’s findings.
  • Other duties as directed by the board

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

  1. Knowledge of tourism industry
  2. Knowledge of Moffat County
  3. Must be able to work independently with board direction
  4. Ability to work well with community stakeholders
  5. Must be computer literate
  6. Experience in marketing presentations

Minimum training and experience

Ideally a degree in marketing, public relations, or a closely related field, and 1 to 2 years experience in marketing or public relations work; or any combination of training and experience which provide the required skills, knowledge and abilities.

Minimum qualifications or standards required to perform performance indicators

Knowledge of Job: Understanding and experience with the policies and procedures, organization and functions of a Tourism Department is important to performing this role. Existing knowledge of the geographic layout of the County, including tourist attractions is desirable as well as knowledge of the tourist attractions of the surrounding areas. Familiarization with the available resources of the County and the surrounding region is also considered a plus. General knowledge of modern office practices, procedures, equipment, modern accounting and bookkeeping methods, policies, procedures and practices is a necessary skill set. Working knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision and the ability to supervise a small group of employees and/or volunteers is a necessary attribute. The ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form is mandatory. The successful applicant must be capable of exercising independent judgment, discretion and initiative while utilizing tact and courtesy in frequent contact with business and industry representatives, government officials and the general public. This position requires a combination of education and/or experience equal to five years in tourism, hospitality sales, marketing, or public relations. An emphasis will be placed on those who have worked with the promotion of tourism and those who have marketing experience. Demonstrated skills in planning, organization and effective communication are essential. Previous experience in a Convention and Visitors Bureau is highly desirable. Previous experience with an advertising agency and/or with media negotiations is helpful.

Initiative and Enthusiasm: Maintains an enthusiastic, self-reliant and self-starting approach to meet job responsibilities and accountabilities. Strives to anticipate work to be done and initiates proper and acceptable direction for the completion of work with a minimum of supervision and instruction.

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