Moffat County Team Proposes Hiring “Champion”

nacoThe team of Moffat County Representatives that participated in the National Association of Counties’ Innovation Challenge for Coal Reliant Communities earlier this year, has come up with some ideas for diversifying the local economy. The group is in favor of hiring a “Marketing Champion” that would oversee the various groups in the community that work towards a stronger economy, such as the Craig/Moffat EDP, the Craig Chamber and the Moffat County Tourism Association. That would require a new marketing district to be set up to collect a tax to pay for the position. The proposed increase would have to be voted on by residents this November. It would be an increase to the lodging tax, which would likely only affect visitors to the area. It would be a 5% increase, and would raise about $300,000 annually. Commissioner Frank Moe said the increase would put Moffat County’s lodging tax at comparable levels with other similar communities. The plan has been met with enthusiasm by those involved with the team.

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