Moffat County School District Releases Statement About Football Camp Allegations

moffat-co-high-2Moffat County Superintendent of Schools, Brent Curtis, has released the first public statement with regard to the allegations of hazing and possible assault that reportedly took place at a high school football camp that  was held in Evanston Wyoming June 18th through the 20th.  Parents of freshman players say their kids were subject to violence and humiliation from their own teammates beyond what is considered typical initiation.  Kids reportedly came home with bruises and markings from the attacks, and the parents are seeking answers.  Parents have questioned the level of supervision given the kids at the camp.

The full text of today’s statement from Superintendent Curtis is below.

“Moffat County High School administration has concluded an internal investigation of the football camp allegations. The administration has followed school board policies and procedures keeping the safety of our students our top priority. The school district will not comment on the specifics of the investigation or any discipline imposed as a result of this investigation due to the privacy rights of students and staff.”

The criminal investigation is being conducted by the Evanston Police Department.  They are hoping to be in Craig next week to conduct interviews.  Moffat County Principal Kelly McCormick has been in town since Tuesday, conducting interviews with those involved in an internal investigation.


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