Moffat County School District to Post Openings for High School Football Coaches

BULLDOGSThe Moffat County School District is expected to start looking for a new staff for the high school football team today.  Wild West Radio confirmed yesterday that Head Coach Kip Hafey and his coaching staff will be replaced this year.  The shake up is the apparent result of an internal investigation into claims of assault and harassment amongst the football team during a football camp in Wyoming last month.  Parents of Freshman students say their kids were beaten and humiliated at the hands of their teammates, and it went too far.  They are seeking answers – and in some cases – charges.  The Evanston, Wyoming Police Department is handling the criminal investigation.  There has been no comment on the staffing change from Hafey or the School District.  Superintendent Brent Curtice did say they would be posting their district openings today.  The head football coach and assistant head coach positions are listed among those openings.  The new coach will hire the rest of his staff.  Curtice says, although the football season is rapidly approaching, he has confidence the community will produce a quality coach.  You can view the posting by clicking here.

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