Moffat County School District Addresses Meningitis Concerns

Moffat-County-School-DistriThe Moffat County School District is addressing concerns regarding this morning’s report that a couple of students may have contracted meningitis. The students in question have been tested, but the results have not come back yet. However, the notion that the disease MIGHT be present has prompted a few worried parents to keep their children home today. Superintendent Brent Curtice says keeping students at home now would be counterproductive, as those students being tested are NOT in school today, and absent students will be required to make up school work. The school district follows the guidelines of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Centers for Disease Control. Symptoms of meningitis include stiff neck, fever, and headaches. Those experiencing those symptoms should call their doctor immediately. A letter describing the district’s plan moving forward, and giving factual information about meningitis will be sent home with kids today. You can see a copy of it by clicking here.

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