Moffat County Residents to Vote on Retail Marijuana

MARIJUANA-300Retail Marijuana will be on the Moffat County ballot in November.  The Moffat County Commissioners voted 2 to 1 this morning to put the issue of lifting the county’s moratorium on retail grow and sale operations to the voters.  Maybell resident Kris Brannan has been prodding the commissioners to put the issue to the voters for the last few months.  She says she would like to start a grow operation because she can make much more money growing marijuana, than she can growing hay.  A few audience members also spoke to the issue.  Linda Cousins made strong points for putting it on the ballot by pointing out that the the question that would be posed would be different than the statewide question that resulted in legal recreational marijuana.  Commissioners have routinely used the fact that Moffat County voters narrowly voted against the measure as a major reason for their moratorium.  Cousins also pointed out that, without a central location for people to buy marijuana, more people will likely be growing it on their own.  That could mean a large amount of unregulated marijuana circulating in Moffat County.  Brannan estimates lifting the moratorium would create about 40 jobs, and support local small businesses through equipment and service sales.  Commissioner John Kinkaid made the motion to put the issue to the ballot, and Tom Mathers seconded the motion.  Mathers and Kinkaid both voted for the measure, while Commissioner Chuck Grobe voted against it.  The commissioners stressed that even if the ballot measure passes, the decision of whether to actually lift the moratorium remains theirs.  The ballot question will give the commissioners an idea of how residents feel about the issue.

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