What Does MOCO’s Business Climate Look Like?

The Craig and Moffat County Economic Development Partnership has released the results from their business survey, which asked Moffat County business owners and managers to assess the business climate in the area.  Nearly half of participants said the business climate in Moffat County had gotten worse over the last five years, while over a third said that is was better or unchanged.

Results showed that technology could be hindering business development in the county. Nearly 60% of respondents said they were dissatisfied with internet service in the area. The survey also looked at the quality of public services in Moffat County, like education.

Responses showed people were generally happy with early childhood education in the area, with more than half reporting as either neutral or satisfied. However, more than half of participants said they were dissatisfied with the K through 12 public education system.

Respondents also voiced their opinions on the cost of living in Moffat County with more than half opining they were neutral or satisfied with the overall cost of living, but nearly 70% said they were unhappy with the cost of Health insurance in the area.

Results show that local government regulations and taxes are not a major issue with areas business owners. More than 60% of respondents said they were either neutral or satisfied with local government regulations, while nearly 70% answered that way regarding the areas taxes.

Numbers show the quality of the areas workforce may be one of the major obstacles to business development, as more than a quarter of those surveyed said that workforce availability impeded the success of their business, while nearly 60% said that they had issues with recruiting employees with a particular skill.

The CMEDP will use the answers gathered through the survey to guide future work regarding economic development and business recruitment in Moffat County.  To view complete results from the survey, click here.


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