MOCO Supports Royalty Reduction For Twentymile

The Moffat County Commissioners signed a letter at their meeting Tuesday, supporting Peabody’s efforts to seek a royalty rate reduction for the Twentymile coal mine in Routt County. The company is seeking a royalty reduction from 12 to 8%, to make mining a new coal seam at the mine economical. While Moffat County doesn’t receive any taxes from the mines operation, a majority of the mines workforce lives in Moffat County, so Peabody felt it appropriate to solicit input from the commissioners. The Moffat County commissioners have supported royalty rate reductions in the past, feeling they would rather receive less tax revenue from coal production, as opposed to the likelihood that a coal mine would cease operation all together. The Routt County Commissioners also issued a letter, supporting the royalty reduction for the Twentymile coal mine.

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