MOCO Social Services Doing An “Excellent Job” Processing Medicaid Applications

healthfirstco_logofinal_cmykAccording to the State of Colorado, 100% of the Medicaid applications filed since April by The Moffat County Social Services Department, have met state requirements for timeliness. Marc Williams from the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, says that county departments are responsible for processing all Medicaid applications. The timeline to process these applications for long term care cases, like those at Sandrock Ridge Care and Rehab, is 90 days. According to Williams, prior to April, the Moffat County Social Services Department had experienced timeliness issues with their Medicaid application processing. In September of last year only 33% of cases met State timeliness requirements, and in March of this year that number stood at 67%. However, Williams says that since April, the Moffat County Social Service Department has done an excellent job at turning those numbers around. When reached for comment, a representative at Sandrock Ridge says that they are aware of the County Commissioners letter, and they look forward to meeting with them and the Moffat County Social Services Department to address communication issues.

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