MOCO Schools To Move To 4-Day Week?

Moffat County Superintendent David Ulrich released information this week detailing the budgetary process for the 2017-2018 school year. Ulrich spent his first year as superintendent gathering information from parents and staff.  Out of those conversations two priorities emerged as areas of focus for next year.  First, the district will work to establish a comprehensive core reading program for Moffat County students. Once the program is established, the district will apply for an early literacy grant which will cover the majority of the cost to implement the program.  The second priority noted by Ulrich is to maximize the effectiveness of public resources, by extending the life of facilities, busses and other items in the district.  Ulrich noted that many districts in Colorado experiencing issues similar to Moffat County’s, have shifted to a 4-day school week. Ulrich and the school district are currently investigating this as an option for Moffat County. Ulrich says he will devote considerable time evaluating that option, as it could have a substantial effect on the community. The district plans to gather feedback from students, families and other stakeholders in the area, before they make any decision concerning a 4 day school week.

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