MOCO Joins Law Suit Concerning Sage Grouse

Moffat County has joined a lawsuit against the BLM regarding its plan for Greater Sage Grouse management in Northwest Colorado. At their meeting yesterday, the Moffat County Commissioners entered into an agreement with Garfield, Jackson, and Rio Blanco counties to split the litigation expenses for the lawsuit. Garfield County will cover the majority of the expenses with the other counties each contributing $5,000. The Commissioners stated that despite local efforts, concerns of northwest Colorado stakeholders were ignored in the final sage grouse management plan issued by the BLM. Moffat County filed a formal protest with the BLM in 2015, highlighting specific circumstances where Moffat County concerns were being disregarded by the BLM. When the final plan was issued later that year, the majority of the issues highlighted by Moffat County were not addressed by the BLM. Having exhausted all administrative options, the commissioners believe that joining the three other counties in the lawsuit is the only way to remedy the problems created by the BLM plan.

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