MOCO To Change Bid Process After Confusion

The county will be adjusting the language contained within their Request for Proposals, after the bidding process to re-roof the Moffat County Library went awry . The County utilizes the website as a way to convey project information to potential contractors. As part of the websites service, contractors are able to submit sealed bids electronically though the website. Until the bidding process to re-roof the library occurred, the county had never received a sealed bid though the website, so when the public reveal of the bids took place they were unaware of the sealed bid on Public Purchase. Because the bid on Public Purchase was the lowest, the Library Board and Moffat County staff all recommended that it be accepted. Another contractor who bid on the project took exception to the fact the bid was accepted, as the County’s Request for Proposal for the project did not contain language saying bids could be submitted electronically. County Attorney Rebecca Tyree said while the bid process may have been slightly confusing, it was not improper, so the County was correct to accept the bid. To avoid this confusion in the future, the county will add language to it’s RFP’s that allows for electronic bid submission.

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