Meth Baby Hospitalized

Arrest Photo - Connie Faye Hanks58 year old Connie Faye Hanks from Green River Wyoming was arrested earlier this week for endangering a child with a controlled substance after a seven month old girl in her care was discovered to have meth in her system. Authorities were alerted to the situation when the infant was taken to the Hospital suffering form seizures. When tests showed the baby’s blood had methamphetamine in it, she was air lifted to a hospital in Salt Lake City, where she received treatment for several days before being released to the Wyoming Department of Family Services. Detectives discovered that the baby had been at the home of Hanks when seizures occurred. A search of the home turned up drug paraphernalia and over 2 grams of meth. Endangering a child with a controlled substance carries a maximum penalty of five years of imprisonment, and a fine of $5,000, or both. Hanks appeared before a Judge in Green River yesterday where a $40,000 bond was set. Pictured: Connie Faye Hanks.

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