Meeting to Discuss Sage Grouse Plans Scheduled for Craig

sage_grouse-300Moffat County land owners are encouraged to attend a meeting to discuss recently released federal land management plans. The BLM and U.S. Forest Service have introduced their federal land use plans that they hope will keep the Greater Sage Grouse off of the Endangered Species List. The plans have been met with scorn by local officials and land managers, due to the fact that the majority of land in Moffat County would be off limits for any kind of productive activity. The plans would affect farming and ranching, energy development, recreation, home building, property subdividing, and many other activities, likely restricting or eliminating some of them. About 75% of the land in the county would be designated as one of two categories, both of which severely limit activity on the land. 20% of the county is already off limits due to monument or Wilderness status. There will be a meeting geared specifically toward grazing and mineral rights owners at the Moffat County Fairgrounds next week to discuss the plans with local land owners. Attendees will get an updates on the plans and an Executive Order issued by Governor Hickenlooper. There will also be discussion on the Colorado Habitat Exchange, and an opportunity for general discussion. It takes place in the Covered Picnic Area starting at 5:30 on June 18th. Dinner will be provided. The meeting is being hosted by the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and the Partner’s for Western Conservation. You must RSVP by June 12th, by calling (303) 431-6422.

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