McCarthy Says Climate Change Deniers Aren’t Normal

mccarthyGina McCarthy, head of the EPA, says you are not normal if you don’t buy into Liberal Climate Change theories. In a recent speech talking about proposed climate change rules, McCarthy launched into a rant, calling Americans that aren’t convinced that man is bringing the planet to extinction through carbon and other pollution abnormal. McCarthy says she is done trying to convince people which scientists to believe, and says if people aren’t convinced by EPA scientists by now, they never will be. She says normal people will back the EPA on climate change regulations. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, U.S. Representative Scott Tipton, U.S. Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennett, local and statewide elected officials, and others have pushed back on proposed rules submitted by the EPA, citing flawed science and lack of economic impact analysis. McCarthy’s rant could be the result of seeing more scientists back away from global warming predictions. Senator Michael Bennett has asked McCarthy to visit Craig, so she can see personally an area critically impacted by decisions made by her agency.  Pictured:  Gina McCarthy

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