Marijuana Tasting Rooms Coming To Colorado?

A new bill is working its way through the Colorado Legislature that would allow marijuana dispensaries to set up social consumption establishments, or places where people could use marijuana. The bi-partisan bill is an attempt to address Colorado’s public cannabis consumption issues, by allowing medical and recreational dispensaries to add areas for pot use on their existing properties. Denver is currently the only city in Colorado to distribute licenses for marijuana use, but they are more geared towards traditional establishments, like art, yoga studios and coffee shops. If passed, Colorado would be the first state to create a statewide licensing program for public cannabis consumption. The new bill would allow for vaping flower and concentrate, but would still prohibit smoking the plant, in order to remain in compliance with the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act. Similar to when recreational marijuana was legalized in the state, municipalities would be able to decide whether or not to allow consumption areas within their city limits. If the bill is approved the new licenses would be available next January. The legislation is currently being discussed in the House Finance Committee.

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