M.C. Sheriff Asks for Donations for Fireworks Display

FIREWORKS-3-300Moffat County Sheriff K.C. Hume reported to the Moffat County Commissioners yesterday that the Craig Fire Board is in a time crunch for ordering fireworks for Craig’s 4th of July celebration. The board typically spends about $8,000 on the display. Last year, the board was running short, but after donations from the public and small businesses, they collected more than enough for last year’s show. They have about $2,200 left over. Another donation of $500 has them up to about $2,700. Hume made a request for a donation yesterday to the Moffat County Commissioners, and extended the request to the Craig City Council through Mayor Ray Beck, who was at yesterday morning’s meeting. The Commissioners said they would be open to splitting the remaining cost three ways with the city and the Fire Board. Beck seemed receptive and said he would run it by the council. The fireworks need to be ordered by the end of the week.

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