Learn About Archeology And Biodiversity At Dinosaur

Dinosaur National Monument QuarrySpecial programs are being hosted at Dinosaur National Park this month to highlight the archeological aspects and biodiversity of the park. Anthropologists from Utah State University will lead a group on a hike to Jones Hole Canyon where they will explore the different archeological sites in the area and discuss what life could have been like for the canyons original occupants. The hike will be stressful at times so it is best suited for teens and young adults. There is only room for 20 people to attend the hike, for information or to reserve a spot contact either Dr. Finley at judson.finley@usu.edu or Ms. Hora-Cook at  elizabeth.hora@gmail.com . Biodiversity at the park will be celebrated on may 20th through the 21st. Rangers will lead hikes that will explore the different wildflowers that can be found in the park a long with the different species of birds that can be found there. Evening programs will also be held that focus on the bats in the park. These will include hands on activities for kids.

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