Labor Day DUI Enforcement Underway

Colorado police officers began their annual Labor Day DUI crackdown Friday. The Increased DUI enforcement will last through Tuesday September 5th. The Colorado Department of Transportation is partnering with the State Patrol and other local law enforcement agencies to take as many impaired drivers off the roads as possible. During last years Labor Day DUI enforcement period police sited nearly 1,000 people for impaired driving, averaging more than 50 arrests per day. There were also 7 alcohol involved traffic fatalities during the enforcement period last year. According to the Chief of the Colorado State Patrol Scott Hernandez, over the years, the Labor Day DUI crackdown has taken thousands of impaired drivers off the roads. He continued to say that troopers from across the state are committed to protecting state roads from impaired drivers, to ensure Coloradans can enjoy the end of summer safely.

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