KRAI News for Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Moffat County is now officially a “Sanctuary County.” It has to do with protecting the rights of the Second Amendment. It came about because a bill has been proposed in Denver that would allow courts to issue temporary extreme risk protection orders and take guns from someone who poses a risk to themselves or others. The Moffat County Board of County Commissioners says no. They’ve passed a resolution saying they won’t support an attempt by Colorado’s Legislature to curb Second Amendment rights in any way.

Northwest Colorado residents headed to the Front Range Tuesday had to re-route because of avalanche mitigation on I-70. A slide just east of the tunnel shut down the highway in both directions.

That’s Patrick Chavez with CDot. The snow was full of debris and took out a guard rail, shutting down I-70 into the evening. Here’s Ethan Green with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

And Green says it was big, and that hasn’t happened in a while.

Another avalanche that was intentionally triggered closed down Berthoud Pass for Tuesday morning. The last time an avalanche reached the road on that section of Hwy 40 was in 1957.

A man spent the night in the backcountry just outside Steamboat Resort Monday, after ducking under an out-of-bounds rope. Temperatures were only three degrees. All he had was a knife and some family radios… no phone. Ski Patrol and Mountain Rescue and the Classic Air Medical Helicopter helped. But another skier found the 36-year-old man on steep terrain, outside the backcountry gate near East Face. He was taken to the hospital.

Moffat County School District buses are being hired out, because the district can earn about $325 dollars per day. That money goes into the general fund. More recently, the school buses have been used to shuttle skiers in Steamboat from the parking lots, up to the slopes. Those buses will probably be used on Saturdays, through the end of the ski season.

Trapper Fitness Center. Photo courtesy Shannon Lukens.

The Trapper Fitness Club Building has been sold to the owners of the gym. That’s Dan and Ashleigh Seeley. It was sold by the Moffat County Junior Affiliated College District Board for $195,000, and it did not include the equipment which was purchased by CNCC.


Books from Steamboat are headed to Paradise, Calif., which is the town ravaged by the Camp Fire last year. Steve and Marcia Kaufman collected the books. There are 6,400 books, weighing 2,725 pounds, in 133 boxes. And it’s a road trip. They’re driving them out there.

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