KRAI News for Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Open Burn near Hayden

Moffat County and Rio Blanco County have placed restrictions on open burning. This is Stage One fire restrictions. In Moffat County, it’s on all unincorporated private land in the county, along with BLM and Forest Service land. It’s effective today. Fire danger is very high because of the warm and dry weather. This means no open burning except in a permanently constructed fire grate like at a campground. No explosive materials like fireworks or tracer rounds. No welding or use of torches except in a safe area where there isn’t any flammable material within at least ten feet on all sides. No smoking near combustible materials, or using any internal combustion engine without a spark arresting device that works.

A semi-truck went off the side of Rabbit Ears Pass and rolled about 75 feet down an embankment. The semi landed on its roof against some trees. The accident happened shortly after noon on Tuesday. The accident happened near Mile Marker 141 on Highway 40.  Here’s Colorado State Patrol Trooper Josh Lewis.

People in 88 homes were also evacuated. The delay on clean up was assembling a haz-mat team and getting that crew up to Northwest Colorado for the cleanup of 38,000 pounds of Methanol. The haz-mat technicians say most of the Methanol either soaked into the ground or evaporated. Methanol is a non-drinking type of alcohol used to create fuel, solvents and anti-freeze. It’s volatile and flammable. The 46-year-old driver is from Ohio and CSP says his injuries weren’t serious.

Routt County has four more positive cases of the COVID-19 virus today. That brings the total for the county to 86 positive cases. The most recent four are one woman in her 20s and two men in their 20s, along with a man in his 70s. All are recovering in isolation. The Colorado Department of Public Health rates Routt County in the medium range of virus suppression based on the number of positive cases in the last two weeks. There are still 136 cases pending. Routt County will be reporting the number of positive cases now only on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Moffat County plans to hire some contact tracers. Once someone tests positive for COVID-19, the contact tracers then find out where that person has been and who they’ve been with to let them know that they should get tested, too. Moffat County Public Health Medical Officer Dr. Brian Harrington says it’s important when fighting the virus.

Moffat County will hire eight to ten contact tracers, on a temporary, as-needed basis. They’ll work from home. They’ll have to meet certain criteria to get the job. The pay is $20 an hour. The county is also hiring a public health nurse.

Moffat County isn’t reporting any new cases of the virus today. North of Moffat County, in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, there has been a death, of one of the three people in the hospital there. A 77-year-old man from Rock Springs died less than a week after developing symptoms. Sweetwater County has 34 active cases of the 140 cases that have been confirmed.

The Moffat County Board of County Commissioners is also applying for two grants as soon as today. One is for planning and another for infra structure. Talks are also underway with Lockheed Martin. The company is offering to help with signage that’s needed in Moffat County, when it comes to COVID-19. Lockheed Martin is offering to sponsor the signs that are needed.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is looking for public comment on the White River Herd Management Plan. This is for the deer herd that covers 4,000 square miles from Meeker, north to Maybell, Craig, and Steamboat Springs. The population of the White River deer herd is estimated to be 36,000 animals. Make your comments on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website by Aug. 8, and you can find that link on our website. Link:

Today is the deadline for some programs with the City of Craig Parks & Rec. Sign up today for Doak Walker 5th-6th grade Tackle Football and 1st through 4th grade Flag Football. The deadline to register for Adult League Volleyball in the City of Craig is Aug. 14. Also, Movie in the park is at dusk tomorrow night, in North City Park. The movie is Frozen 2.

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